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My Join-Up® Experience

Share the good, bad and the funny!

Title Date By Replies
Join up with older trained mare morgancourt 1
Cherokee "the horse that lead me to Monty" jenn 7
Join Up in Small Square Corral? matermaus 4
Double Horse Join Up EquiAbi (UK) 2
Joined up! cestone_18 4
the horse gets crazy when i send it away Alina 25
Join up with horse that is blind in one eye? Busybee 5
My AWESOME Join-Up Experience! Howlin'MadHolly 9
Join up with my Haflinger Country girl 0
Stubborn 3 yr old! Candi 31
Too "joined up" for Join Up? Uraeus 9
My first join up on my newly bought horse Bea 18
When to start Join Up? Uraeus 8
YAY!!! My Brumby and i got Join Up!!!! nelliebell 9
Aggresive Horse 16dirtypaws 12
My Brumby doesn't want to do join-up! Help! nelliebell 13
Whinnying during Join-Up May - Holland 16
Horse won't budge vidamel 27
Follow up after longing! Bea 3
I Can't Get Join Up - Almost R)eady To Admit Defeat cherie23 17
What did I do Wrong??? caiti.jane 2
Beginner Problems jor 32
old katieforee 2
I'm not getting the equus signals lynn486 4
Join Up with a Mini! nelliebell 9