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My Join-Up® Experience

Share the good, bad and the funny!

Title Date By Replies
Shilo and me. dionne4210 - Denmark. 3
The great dually halter k9doctor 5
Accidental Join Up? accidentalhorsewoman 10
Just a nice story Lucie (france) 4
I achieved it on my second attempt!!! kbeaumont06 3
From Dragger to Dreamer Kip 3
Join Up for a one eyed mare Empressracing 2
Join Up (with a horse who's already gentle as well as an EPIC fail) j.starr 27
Lost attention whiteravenpark 2
Join Up Help Needed cjcruz 2
Awesome Join Up! Wagonmaster 6
‘Oscar’ The Horse Who Saved Me From Suicide! charlie.avent666 19
Join Up Joy! Stuart (North Wales) 19
Tommy's Join up mary 10
Horse "chooses" Join-up petraboelhouwers 5
HELP- What's with the head tossing? cortiz4 12
how often anitajbrooks 8
Newcomer kendrb 10
Join up for the newbies ;-) Mel - Ramsgate UK 11
Our First Join up, still having problems with behavior is this the wrong direction to take? Frank - Denmark 32
My first join-up ever - i didn't do it perfectly but it was perfect anyways :) jb_freeze 11
Why can't they see the damage? Mel - Ramsgate UK 7
BamBam joins up Mel - Ramsgate UK 26
Join up fail in a grass round pen :( Veedubs81 13
Good to video training Mel - Ramsgate UK 21