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My Join-Up® Experience

Share the good, bad and the funny!

Title Date By Replies
my friends 1st join up Roisin! 8
How many Join-Ups for one horse? ShaniiKazzMeintjess 4
On the road to join up halfhalt 4
First Join Up and First with my Horse michelle 1
tried join up! caroline 2
Turning in versus turning out raybay 3
join-up- horse just stares Shiney girl 5
questions for de forum fede 4
Join up with out raund pen fede 3
my first ever join up pilgrim111 5
It's never as easy as it looks! Kicki -- Sweden 5
First timer, need help alukcik 12
Round Pen Problem Loxley 2
What if I do not have a round pen? malinbond 7
Join up, With a Quad? onesmoothmister's Dad 2
My horse Honey katy 5
rescue horses efddld 2
My first try to JOIN UP - Excellent - Couple of Qs jafours 8
Frustrated Join Up Bec 4
is my horse just trying to be lazy or joining up by skipping other lessons peanut5912 2
Hobby and me Alaskan_song 3
Join Up ? Julie 6
Perfect scottb 2
Freeman and I try, again ccruise 3
Go away, go'way, go'way, go'way ccruise 8