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Monty answers your questions

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June 11.24 Is the horse world really changing?

June 5.24 Does your horse kick?

May 29.24 Does your horse stand still to mount?

May 22.24 Is your horse worried about water?

May 15.24 Can you get Join-Up with a cookie?

May 8.24 How do you deal with a mouthy horse?

May 1.24 Why are some horses cinchy or girthy?

April 23.24 Do we all need to do Join-Up?

April 17.24 Is it beneficial to ride bareback?

April 10.24 Is your horse claustrophobic?

April 3.24 What do you say to the skeptics?

March 27.24 How do you cure a herd bound horse?

March 20.24 How do you know your horse trusts you?

March 13.24 Is your horse afraid of the farrier?

March 6.24 Are horses afraid of the whip?

Feb 28.24 How can you get past your fear of riding?

Feb 21.24 Why does your horse pin her ears when you get on?

Feb 14.24 Can you repeat Join-Up?

Feb 7.24 Can you start training horses at your age?

Jan 31.24 How do you fix a pull-back horse?

Jan 24.24 What if I fail at Join-Up, will it ruin my horse?

Jan 17.24 What's the perfect "husband horse"?

Jan 10.24 Is there such a thing as a "coldback horse”?

Jan 3.24 What should I do if I'm afraid of catching my horse?

Dec 27.23 Do you want to learn a better way?

Dec 20.23 Does your horse enjoy being brushed and saddled?

Dec 13.23 Are you comfortable with discomfort?

Dec 6.23 Monty, what are your hopes for the new year?

Nov 29.23 What is your horse trying to say?

Nov 22.23 Why does my horse suddenly stop?

Nov 15.23 Should you start your own horse?

Nov 8.23 What does your horse refuse to do?

Nov 1.23 How do you create a career with horses?

Oct 25.23 What is the best herd size for domestic horses?

Oct 18.23 Does your horse feel stranger danger?

Oct 11.23 How do you teach a horse to tie?

Oct 4.23 Do horses feel fear during Join-Up?

Sep 27.23 Do you wear spurs?

Sep 20.23 How can you strengthen the bond with your horse?

Sep 13.23 Can Join-Up help a herd-bound horse?

Sep 6.23 Is getting a trot and canter a necessary part of Join-Up?

Aug 30.23 Is Join-Up recommended before each ride?

Aug 23.23 Which horses are the safest to ride?

Aug 16.23 What kind of corral do you need for Join-Up?

Aug 9.23 When is it correct to touch a horse's face?

Aug 2.23 How do you say sorry to a horse?

July 26.23 Can learning about horses make you feel less afraid of them?

July 19.23 Does your horse dislike groundwork?

July 12.23 How do you get a horse moving forward?

July 5.23 How can I get a horse to maintain a canter on the long lines?

June 28.23 Why do some horses avoid stepping into water?

June 21.23 Does your horse like the bit?

June 14.23 Which of the horse's senses is the most acute?

June 7.23 How do you know if the horse is ready?

May 31.23 Is the "patience pole" good for horses?

May 24.23 What do you do with a mare that pins her ears when you feed her?

May 17.23 Why do we mount on the left side?

May 10.23 Does your horse refuse to enter the arena?

May 3.23 How can you get a better bond with a horse?

April 26.23 When and where is it safe to ride?

April 19.23 How do you re-train a bad habit?

April 12.23 Does your horse kick at feeding time?

April 5.23 What's the difference between a rider and a horseman?

March 29.23 Do halters aggravate Headshaking Syndrome?

March 22.23 Do horses need horse friends?

March 15.23 Can horses have learning disabilities?

March 8.23 How do you stop a bucking horse?

March 1.23 Did you ever smack your horse?

Feb 22.23 Is Join-Up with multiple people advisable?

Feb 15.23 Can I help my horse enjoy riding?

Feb 8.23 What's happening at Monty's International Learning Center?

Feb. 1.23 Does your horse understand you?

Jan 25.23 Does your horse know he's safe?

Jan 18.23 Is your horse flinchy?

Jan 11.23 Is that horse mean or scared?

Jan 4.23 Do you remember WWII?

Dec 28.22 Does your horse have separation anxiety?

Dec 21.22 What about differences in gender?

Dec 14.22 How do you correct bad behavior?

Dec 7.22 Where can you gentle untouched horses?

Nov 30.22 Do you get dizzy in the roundpen?

Nov 23.22 Is your horse anxious leaving other horses?

Nov 16.22 Does your horse bite?

Nov 8.22 Can you see the positive in tough times?

Nov 2.22 Is it truth or bias?

Oct 26.22 Why do horses get stuck sometimes?

Oct 19.22 What is the best bit for the horse?

Oct 12.22 Are you trying to make things happen?

Oct 5.22 What kind of stable is best for the horse?

Sep 28.22 Is it okay to smack horses if they're rude?

Sep 21.22 Where do you begin your horse journey?

Sep 14.22 Should you ride when you're afraid?

Sep 7.22 How do you train a dancing horse?

Aug 31.22 Can a horse be jealous?

Aug 24.22 What's the best girth or cinch for horses?

Aug 16.22 How do you get a donkey to move forward?

Aug 10.22 Is your horse afraid of being hurt?

Aug 3.22 Does your horse sit down in the trailer?

July 27.22 Can you do Join-Up with a yearling?

July 20.22 How do you stop a horse from being pushy?

July 13.22 When is a horse too old for training?

July 6.22 How do you ride in a Dually Halter?

June 29.22 Can horses heal from a traumatic event?

June 22.22 Does your horse take off with you?

June 15.22 How do you create a well-trained trail horse?

June 8.22 Do you feed in the horse trailer?

June 1.22 Is it stranger danger or jealousy?

May 25.22 Do horses think and plan?

May 18.22 How do you separate twin foals?

May 11.22 How do you halter train a horse?

May 4.22 Can you train a horse without force?

April 27.22 How do you stop a horse from rubbing its head on you?

April 20.22 What's wrong with lunging?

April 13.22 Is your horse a natural leader?

April 6.22 Why not a rope halter?

Mar 30.22 Will your horse jog with you?

Mar 23.22 What is your horse saying?

Mar 16.22 How about some carrot stretches?

Mar 9.22 Do you have an unruly horse?

Mar 2.22 How does the Dually Halter work?

Feb 23.22 Can you safely pick up your horse's hind feet?

Feb 16.22 Are you riding a hideous canter?

Feb 9.22 How do you approach horses that kick or bite?

Feb 2.22 Does your horse run from you?

Jan 26.22 Does the end justify the means in horse training?

Jan 19.22 Who's the boss?

Jan 12.22 Why do horses paw at mealtimes?

Jan 5.22 How do you get a horse ready for the farrier?

Dec 29.21 How do you turn around a dangerous mount?

Dec 22.21 Does your horse mind the bit?

Dec 15.21 Why does Monty feed honey with a stick?

Dec 8.21 Does every horse do Join-Up?

Dec 1.21 Does your horse need to know who's boss?

Nov 24.21 How do you potty train a horse?

Nov 17.21 Is there hope for nonviolent horsemanship?

Nov 10.21 Is your horse afraid of halters?

Nov 3.21 How do you welcome your new horse?

Oct 27.21 Does Join-Up work for dogs as well?

Oct 20.21 Would your horse stay with you?

Oct 13.21 Can you catch a horse with honey?

Oct 6.21 Is horsemanship getting better?

Sep 29.21 What do you see as the biggest challenge to non-violent horsemanship?

Sep 22.21 What is your understading of compassion?

Sep 15.21 Are you a good communicator?

Sep 8.21 How do you connect with a horse?

Sep 1.21 Do you understand your horse?

Aug 25.21 What does the word "respect" mean to you?

Aug 18.21 What does the word "Responsibility" mean to you?

Aug 11.21 Are you listening to your horse?

Aug 4.21 What have you found challenging in your life?

July 28.21 What advice do you have for parents?

July 21.21 What advice do you have for someone just starting out?

July 14.21 What did Monty learn from raising 50 children?

July 7.21 How does your horse work affect human relationships?

June 30.21 Is it ever the horse's fault?

June 23.21 How do horses communicate?

June 16.21 What is your method of connecting with horses?

June 9.21 Should you need a license to be a horse owner?

June 2.21 Are you force free with horses all the time?

May 26.21 How is your relationship with your horse?

May 19.21 Does Join-Up® take longer than conventional methods?

May 12.21 Are your Join-Up® methods and competitive riding at odds?

May 5.21 Are top riders using force-free training methods?

April 28.21 Who inspires you?

April 21.21 Do you have a favorite horse?

April 14.21 Are some abused horses beyond hope?

April 7.21 What do you love most about working with horses?

Mar 31.21 What do you love most about working with horses?

Mar 24.21 Why does your horse follow you around?

March 17.21 What is the key to understanding horses?

Mar 10.21 How did you discover your skills?

March 3.21 Were you born with a special ability to relate to horses?

Feb 24.21 How do you overcome abuse?

Feb 17.21 Is your horse reactive?

Feb 10.21 Is your horse avoiding you?

Feb 3.21 Who in the western horse world has influenced you and your training?

Jan 27.21 What would you change in the world of Western riding?

Jan 20.21 Do you use traditional techniques and are they effective?

Jan 13.21 What do you know about how Western riding and equipment came to be?

Jan 6.21 How has Western riding changed?

Dec 30.20 What is the best way to calm down a nervous horse?

Dec 23.20 Are you a positive influence on your horse?

Dec 16.20 Are you causing the horse to buck?

Dec 9.20 How do you breathe so your horse will relax?

Dec 2.20 Do horses communicate with their eyes?

Nov 26.20 What can you communicate through breathing?

Nov 19.20 Can a trotter become a saddle horse?

Nov 11.20 How do I stop my pony from moving when I try to mount?

Nov 4.20 What about horse blankets?

Oct 28.20 Does your horse have brakes?

Oct 21.20 Does your horse enjoy being clipped?

Oct 14.20 How do I stop my horse without pulling on his mouth?

Oct 7.20 How do you earn a horse's trust?

Sept 30.20 Does your horse buck when picking up the canter?

Sep 23.20 How do your leg cues affect balance?

Sep 16.20 How do you stop inappropriate chewing?

Sep 9.20 How do you stop a horse from biting?

Sep 1.20 Is there a good way to compete in barrel racing?

Aug 26.20 How do you choose a comfortable horse?

Aug 19.20 How can you win over your horse's trust?

Aug. 12.20 What is the most subtle evidence of acceptance from a horse?

Aug. 5.20 What is the best age for Join-Up?

July 29.20 Is your horse chomping on the bit?

July 22.20 Have horses ever taken a hit on your confidence?

July 15.20 Does your horse ground tie?

July 8.20 How do you separate bonded horses?

July 1.20 Do horses ever forget past abuse?

June 24.20 How do you discipline a horse without force?

June 17.20 Does your horse bite you?

June 10.20 How do you build confidence in a horse?

June 3.20 Are you being fair to your horse?

May 27.20 How do you break the chain of violence?

May 20.20 Have you tried Monty's Dually halter and long lines?

May 13.20 How do you convey safety and build trust?

May 6.20 How do you ride a bucking horse?

April 29.20 Can I use Join-Up with a bull?

April 22.20 Where were you when I needed you?

April 15.20 How can I be a better student?

April 8.20 Are stallions more challenging for Join-Up?

April 1.20 How do you stop violence?

Mar 25.20 Have you seen PTSD in a horse before?

Mar 18.20 Are horses individuals?

Mar 11.20 Has The Queen's love for horses influenced you?

Mar 4.20 Is your horse explosive?

Feb 26.20 Can your horse jump confidently?

Feb 19.20 Why do horses kick out?

Feb 12.20 Do you train using treats?

Feb 5.20 Does your horse follow your lead?

Jan 29.20 When is a horse ready to carry The Queen?

Jan 22.20 How do you train horses for vulnerable riders?

Jan 15.20 Are you safe riding your horse?

Jan 8.20 When is a horse safe and ready to ride?

Jan 1.20 Why does my horse refuse a jump?

Dec 25.19 Do you think Join-Up is for dressage queens?

Dec 18.19 Does your horse refuse to take the bit?

Dec 11.19 How do you achieve a high performance with horses?

Dec 4.19 Can anyone learn the horses’ language?

Nov 27.19 Does your horse like his blanket?

Nov 20.19 Do you recommend martingales, draw reins, tie-downs or chambons?

Nov 13.19 What do you do with a horse that runs to the gate?

Nov 6.19 Do you still work with The Queen’s horses?

Oct 30.19 Do your methods make horses more successful?

Oct 23.19 How do horses help humans?

Oct 16.19 Are mustangs different from domestic horses?

Oct 9.19 What's changed in horse racing?

Oct 2.19 Have horse training methods improved?

Sep 25.19 Do you need Monty's help?

Sep 18.19 How can we learn to listen to horses?

Sep 11.19 How did you discover the horses’ language?

Sep 4.19 Do you communicate with your horse?

Aug 28.19 What is Join-Up®?

Aug 21.19 Do you start The Queen's horses every year?

Aug 14.19 What inspired you to dedicate your life to horses?

Aug 7.19 What inspired you to learn more about horses?

July 31.19 What was the biggest challenge in your work?

July 24.19 Can one person change the world?

July 17.19 Have you ever ridden a one-eyed horse?

July 10.19 What is the right age to wean a foal?

July 3.19 How do you develop a partnership?

June 26.19 Is your horse ear shy?

June 19.19 Can you hypnotize horses?

June 12.19 Will a horse protect its human?

June 5.19 Do horses show empathy?

May 29.19 Do you know a curious horse?

May 22.19 Do horses feel terror?

May 15.19 Is your horse watching you?

May 8.19 Are horses spiritual beings?

May 1.19 What is the best way to start training a racehorse?

April 24.19 Is your horse consistently listening to you?

Apr 17.19 Can you do Join-Up with a bomb proof horse?

Apr 10.19 Are you meeting your horse's needs?

Apr 3.19 Is your horse dangerous?

March 27.19 Do horses enjoy being ridden?

March 20.19 Who's using Monty's methods?

March 13.19 Will violence in horsemanship ever end?

March 6.19 Is it safe to ride in a herd?

Feb 27.19 Is your horse afraid of some sounds?

Feb 20.19 Why would your horse bite you?

Feb 13.19 Can you win without a whip?

Feb 6.19 Is that horse going to hurt you?

Jan 30.19 Are you bullying your horse?

Jan 23.19 Is your horse afraid of people?

Jan 16.19 Is your horse afraid of people?

Jan 9.19 Is it abusive to carry a crop?

Jan 2.19 Do you ride with a whip?

Dec 26.18 Do you want a career with horses?

Dec 19.18: Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Dec 12.18 Are you getting bad advice?

Dec 5.18 What advice does Monty give to riders?

Nov 28.18 What has most improved your horsemanship?

Nov 21.18 What's on your billboard, Monty?

Nov 14.18 Do you have a “favorite failure” of yours?

Nov 7.18 What books influenced you as a horseman?

Oct 31.18 Does your horse kick?

Oct 24.18 Do horses grieve?

Oct 17.18 Is non-violence important in horse training?

Oct 10.18 Are you using your body language correctly?

Oct 3.18 What advice do you have for others who would like to help horses?

Sep 29.18 What advice do you have for others who would like to help horses?

Sep 19.18 How can we use Join-Up with people and other species?

Sep 12.18 Is non-violence important in horse training?

Sept 5.18 What is the best way to deal with separation anxiety?

Aug 29.18 What are a horse's vulnerable areas?

Aug 22.18 Does your horse behave like a horse?

Aug 15.18 Does your horse run back to the barn?

Aug 8.18 Will Join-Up work with donkeys or mules?

Aug 1.18 Can Monty help my horse?

July 25.18 How do you send your horse away?

July 18.18 Is your horse afraid?

July 11.18 Why does your horse pin his ears in the stable?

July 4.18 What are you doing with your life and future?

June 27.18 What do you do if your horse bolts?

June 20.18 How do you prepare your horse for veterinary care?

June 13.18 Is it disrespectful for the horse to turn away from you in the round pen?

June 6.18 Why would a horse choose you as a friend?

May 30.18 Having trouble loading your horse?

May 23.18 Do you do Join-Up with mules?

May 16.18 Are you objective about your horse's behavior?

May 9.18 Does your horse enjoy his work?

May 2.18 What are the top six lessons you learned in life?

April 25.18 Does Join-Up help create trust with your horse?

April 18.18 Does your significant other love horses too?

April 11.18 Why do horses shake their heads while being ridden?

April 4.18 Is your horse good for the farrier?

March 28.18 Is it beneficial to ride bareback?

March 21.18 How do you cause a horse to respect you?

March 14.18 How do you keep horses entertained?

March 7.18 Are you a good student of your horse?

Feb 28.18 Can Join-Up help a racehorse?

Feb 21.18 Monty's tips on moving beyond scary experiences

Feb 14.18 Can you teach an old horse new tricks?

Feb 7.18 How do you fix a pull back horse?

Jan 31.18 How do you raise a foal?

Jan 24.18 Does your horse need company?

Jan 17.18 Does your horse enjoy being with you?

Jan 10.18 Why do some horses refuse to go forward?

Jan 3.18 How do you canter freely and fearlessly?

Dec. 27.17 Are you ready to partner up with your horse?

Dec. 20.17 Does your horse have good trail manners?

Dec 13.17 Can a horse love a human?

Dec 6.17 How are you influencing the children?

Nov 29.17 What are you feeding your horse?

Nov 22.17 What can we learn from horses?

Nov 15.17 What can you learn from a demonstration?

Nov 8.17 Are all horses similar in character?

Oct 31.17 Why are horses such good therapists?

Oct 25.17 Why should no one eat a horse?

Oct 18.17 Can horses open a path to spirituality?

Oct 11.17 How do you ride with a Dually Halter?

Oct 4.17 Where can you learn how to drive a horse?

Sep 27.17 How do you make horses get along together?

Sep 20.17 What can you do when you're afraid?

Sep 13.17 Does the moon influence the horse's learning?

Sep 6.17 Is your horse aggressive when you girth up?

Aug 30.17 Does your horse pull on you?

Aug 23.17 What kind of bit do you use?

Aug 16.17 Does it matter what words you use with your horse?

Aug 9.17 How do you care for your horse's feet?

Aug 2.17 How can I get my horse to go forward?

July 26.17 Why does my horse kick at feeding time?

July 19.17 What's left for you for the future?

July 12.17 How do you develop trust with a horse?

July 5.17 Do horses think?

June 28.17 Should you separate twin foals?

June 21.17 Are you preparing your horse for the trail?

June 14.17 Is your horse bossy?

June 7.17 How critical are the signs for Join-Up?

May 31.17 How do you stop your horse from biting you?

May 24.17 Would you choose to put a horse down for a remedial problem?

May 17.17 How do you control a racehorse?

May 10.17 Do you want to be a horse trainer?

May 3.17 Is human ignorance causing your horse's problems?

April 26.17 How do you make a bolting horse safe to ride?

April 19.17 How do you train a horse to yield to rein pressure?

April 12.17 How do you teach a horse to stand still?

April 5.17 What is natural horsemanship?

March 29.17 Why do horses respond to a sound cue for stopping?

March 22.17 Is your horse aggressive at feeding time?

March 15.17 Why does my horse bite?

March 8.17 Why doesn't my horse load up?

March 1.17 Are you riding a spooky horse?

Feb 22.17 Does your horse chew on reins or slobber straps?

Feb 15.17 How do you deal with an aggressive horse?

Feb 8.17 How can horses help people?

Feb 1.17 When is a horse dangerous?

Jan 25.17 Is it fear or stubborness?

Jan 18.17 Why is single-line lunging bad for your horse?

Jan 11.17 Why does your horse yawn after a training session?

Jan 4.17 Can you do Join-Up with a donkey?

Dec 28.16 Where can you get help for a nervous horse?

Dec 21.16 Why are some horses afraid of loading in the trailer?

Dec 14.16 Is your horse a pet?

Dec 7.16 Why do horses yawn?

Nov. 30.16 Is it aggression or lack of respect?

Nov. 23.16 Why does my mini horse avoid eye contact?

Nov. 16.16 Are you ready to stop using force?

Nov. 9.16 Why does my horse refuse to pick up one foot?

Nov. 2.16 Please share this Q&A with other horsemen wherever possible

Oct 26.16 Does your horse have good manners?

Oct 19.16 Do you do Join-Up with every horse?

Oct 12.16 Is your horse impossible to load?

Oct 5.16 Can horses do Join-Up with their tack on?

Sept 28.16 Why does my horse turn into me during longlining?

Sept 21.16 How do you form a partnership without force?

Sept 14.16 What's your opinion of knotted halters?

Sept 7.16 How do you gentle a wild horse?

August 31.16 What can I do to help my horse be more balanced?

August 24.16 Can you predict a horse's temperament from hair swirls and facial characteristics?

August 17.16 Can horses get tired of doing Join-Up?

August 10.16 Is there a universal horse language?

August 3.16 What is the most pronounced characteristic of a horse's personality?

July 27.16 Are you listening to your horse?

July 20.16 What is the vocabulary of Equus?

July 13.16 What is the future of horsemanship?

July 6.16 Has your training approach been tested scientifically?

June 29.16 Are your training methods gentle?

June 22.16 Is it possible to communicate with horses and other animals?

June 15.16 Is Monty the original horse whisperer?

June 8.16 Have you ever had a strange animal encounter?

June 1.16 Isn't it dangerous to work with horses at your age?

May 25.16 Are you still learning about horses?

May 18.16 Is there a difference between horses from different countries?

May 11.16 Are there more problem horses than ever before?

May 4.16 Is the language Equus changing?

April 27.16 How do you train a horse to jump?

April 20.16 What are horses trying to tell us?

April 13.16 How do stallions know if a foal is theirs?

April 7.16 What do riding and playing golf have in common?

March 30.16 How do you teach your horse to urinate on cue?

March 23.16 Where can I get help for my horse that rears?

March 16.16 What do you love about wild horses?

March 9.16 What one thing do you show people who are skeptical?

March 2.16 How do you train wild horses?

Feb. 24.16 Is it too late to learn how to interact with horses?

Feb. 17.16 What is Monty's legacy wish?

Feb. 10.16 Does your horse need to see the dentist?

Feb. 3.16 Are those who inflict suffering also suffering?

Jan 27.16 Have you learned everything there is to know about horses?

Jan 20.16 Is Natural Horsemanship an oxymoron?

Jan 13.16 How do you deal with people who criticize your training methods?

Jan. 6.16 How can we reduce violence for horses?

Dec. 30.15 Is there anything about horses that's a mystery to you?

Dec. 23.15 If you could turn back time, what one thing would you change?

Dec. 16.15 How do you deal with a tricky horse owner?

Dec. 9.15 What would you like to change in the world of horses?

Dec. 2.15 What advice would you give to your young self?

Nov 25.15 Do horses get bored?

Nov 18.15 How do you train a horse with a toothbrush?