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My Join-Up® Experience

Share the good, bad and the funny!

Title Date By Replies
Stubborn pony joins up Lizziedeuchar 4
Join up with my mare for the first time Michaela 5
Isla the Foal Mel - Ramsgate UK 10
Join up with John Mel - Ramsgate UK 31
1st and 2nd Join Up GregG 5
Round Pen Mel - Ramsgate UK 9
My 1st Join-Up Tiggy, Tears 4
join up with Sammy Mel - Ramsgate UK 6
Join Up vs Free Lunging lee 4
Wont move away from me.. hehepalsson 5
join up with an unsound horse korkeee 5
A huge THANK YOU to Monty! pinkie 8
Not my horse! Mel - Ramsgate UK 41
Bambam sensing i'm not well and misbehaving Mel - Ramsgate UK 24
LEAVES! Lachlan 1
join up with unbroken horse sunifasa 10
Join up with a Mule?? Tessa Horan Certified Instructor 8
join up- how often govyn100 1
jumper bcs_5357 1
I did Join-Up!! Horse addict (From the good old USA) 4
No pen, no round yard for joinup qld_montyblue 10
Natural JOIN UP! MJ (Quebec,Canada) 2
SUPER JOIN-UP...almost..! MJ (Quebec,Canada) 12
All things must come to an end Xx-ray-ven-xx 3
my horse bit me krudell 4