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My Join-Up® Experience

Share the good, bad and the funny!

Title Date By Replies
what a difference ziekoshepherd1 2
can't get him to do it dsrfarm 7
a little agressive during join up, my horse not me! archtemp1 15
Lunge whip with join up? arabian2hearts 8
horse rears and bite after join up Annelie 12
Didn't know anything at the time Old_Scout 3
My First Join-Up Silphy - Brisbane, Australia 3
New pony, new join ups Mel - Ramsgate UK 20
Join Up Process gansens 2
Cutting Through the Round Pen gansens 7
Biting after Join-up alexandru.gaftoi 16
join up with a draft that would not move squierrel12000 6
Epic Fail advice please Nova 13
First attempt and first fail at join-up.. + respect problem pauline.pietrois 36
Epic Fail advice please Nova 0
My horse won't move. sydneycare 24
Join Up, with young almost green arabarian horse suzanne 0
Problem after Join Up clarose 2
Making a round pen Rahni (Sydney, Australia) 9
My First Join-Up ever Rietha&Tohbi 2
My first join up-suggestion Thartman 10
breathing cheryl 14
slow is fast, fast is slow? ebrahim 4
Ahhh! Jumping out of stable! EquiAbi (UK) 4
join up of an abused mare griffo.girl, Tasmania, Australia 20