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What I say to my friends who don’t understand why I’m doing this

Title Date By Replies
Gut feeling rebeccadonovan2011 5
Misusing the duly Christena 7
Frighten Horse Sigrid 6
Abrakadabra! christel@hamburg 0
What should I answer laura.maire 5
Vent about whips and loading jamiejennings 3
How far have we come in 18 months.. Tiggy, Tears 9
Bad Clinic Experience mynameisKimba 22
How to respond when "traditional" horse people tell you what youre doing is wrong? Ellie 37
Sorry not been around Mel - Ramsgate UK 6
Horse that hates a curb strap trevinkoehn 13
Sharing advice about natural methods with every horse owner Abi 16
Is our 3 yr old wasted with us Wendy and Lola 14
Best quote LMSedgwick(Canada) 31
Psychological Oppression? EquiAbi (UK) 6
Monty roberts Dan2000t 5
Please do as I ask! Tiggy, Tears 91
falling off! EquiAbi (UK) 40
What Mindful dressage with Steffen Peters looks like at a competition (this is the video you show those people who support Monty!!) Rahni (Sydney, Australia) 8
Single line lunging karyn & tokia 3
onlookers - training problems karyn & tokia 13
Farrier Nadine 11
Jenny Jenny 3
Bucking and abuse Nadine 13
Scientifical critics of Join-Up Rudi - Pratteln, Switzerland 17