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What I say to my friends who don’t understand why I’m doing this



I believe my horse was abused in his early life. I bought him 3 years ago. He is now 13, and still gets stressed when i groom him. I found he likes to hold things in his mouth and swinging a rope in his mouth when I groom him stops him from becoming stressed. He now smacks his lips together when he is happy around me as though he is talking. Has anyone else experienced this and do they know what he is saying? By coincidence his name is Monty.

MaggieF, Melbourne - Australia
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I think some horses are very 'mouthy' like this. I know my Uggs likes to hold things in his mouth - he used to take my Dad's felt hat off walk around with it for awhile and then put it back on. My Dad was demented at the time and tought it was a great trick. The horse I have been working with lately, Cash, is similar and is always looking for something to put in his mouth. He is the extreme case and will pick up all sorts of things out of the bucket - brushes, lead ropes gloves etc, shake them around for a bit them drop them back in but he is not at all vicious and does not bite - just seems to want something to put in his mouth - sometimes he drops his bottom lip and shakes it up and down too. I just see it as part of his personality.


Thank you, yes my horse is playful. The horse in your profile photo looks a lot like mine. Mine is a Welsh Section D . Jenny

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I hve 2 horses like this, I studied Parelli for several years and they say these mouthy horses are left-brain extroverts: very mouthy, very smart(loves to learn new things), very dominant, very exuberant. You have to keep them interested by surprising them, they hate repitition and need to keep learning new things. They love obstacles and puzzles, keep them moving and thinking and be a good leader, otherwise they will take over. They will make you a better horseperson and challenge you always.