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What I say to my friends who don’t understand why I’m doing this


What do I reply on peoples sidewhistling. they do whisper cause they cant speak out loud, as if I would knock them out for evry negativ thought. but I can hear them. I see in their face. First about: aint working- the horse will never do it. Second: oh well, she trained it before. Third: (failure is comin up) see, I told you- now take a whip and tell him who's the boss!
You know the story about the sportsman who won't run faster in cause of upcoming pain. But in positive words, evrybody will!
I used to not speak a word to those at the fences. I enjoyed the work with the horses like being in a bubble, far away from the real world. But some day it started to bee seen what I did. Not in doing but, the trainer asked what I've done to his horse the night before! Cause the horse was more calm, more intensive in work and jumped higher then ever - I had a smile and told him. Sometimes I don't have words what's happening and leave things going on to the people. the hroses now me and look at me and recent trained horses seem to wait for me. the easiest way to tell is that the horses love me. But it's a kind of respect, isn't it?
It's not about to train a horse doing certain things but to listen to me as I find out which way and how much I can get the best out of em. In a friendly way. Thinking and acting positive. Tell them how good they are and takin care of their abilities.Using a method is not to be schooled, only. It's about coming from the inside, the heart'n soul plus the belly.
That's what I tell them. Mostly I ask them for it, how long has it been that easy for you to train a a horse fast and nice? Often I hear that's ages ago like when we were kids.
Well, I say, then behave like a kid and you see what will happen.
And while talking I don't need to have gestures or look away. I just put my eyes on theirs, shoulders square and standing upfront on both feet I am strong. Breathing long and speak slow, no nervous smile.
Good horsemen have their own way to communicate. All communication is build on the same basics. Watch, learn and find out.
Thx for transalte, Monty