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Horse Sense for People

Please share what YOU are doing with the concepts in people’s lives?

Title Date By Replies
What do you think of this horse? w.taylor 2
Controlling breathing and heart rate for work too! LMSedgwick(Canada) 1
Amateur - Want to get my first horse - Suggestions Please merilynj78 12
Making the most of Equus during lockdown LMSedgwick(Canada) 0
The Movement Kazza 2
Equus for People DLCconsul 3
Flight animal Miriam (Holland&Germany) 3
From Violence to Non Violence, A new path In life taken. Liz 10
Advice needed C.King 7
Minds-n-Motion symposium in Germany Kicki -- Sweden 0
Solving a Pawing issue juliedahlquist123 1
A personal word if you will indulge me. GregG 11
Join - Up and the Music Teacher tswtripp 4
Horses and Juvenile Prison Inmates wbc 5
Echo Tiggy, Tears 14
Myofascial release for horses MargretH 2
JOIN-UP WITH WAR VETERANS Amberpony - California, USA 8
ALWAYS wear a helmet while riding. Christena 31
A Super Experience Today GregG 13
Free Lungeing Denea 24
frustrated unicorn 21
troubled Amy 1
Horse keeps stopping and is VERY reluctant to trot carolinelewis 6
Sad to see Jan go (griffo-girl) vicci - UK (North Wales) 13
Tough Case Please Help helene 6