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Horse Behavior and Training

Join-Up Question...?


Hi there!

So last December my quarter horse had a leg injury. He was a lesson horse at the place where I board him, and probably their best one for beginners. Well, on a schooling show day one of the other lesson horses was unavailable on short notice, and my horse, Jojo, was used in that horses place, and was still used by the original people who were planning on riding him. Well, I had no idea that he was used ALL day without any break doing jumping and dressage.... so he was overused and ended up being injured... I only heard about it afterwards.

Anyways, that was kind of unnecessary, but I wanted you to know the background of my story...

I haven't been able to canter Jojo until just this past August because of his injury, and I really haven't been able to go out and visit him very often so he's kinda chunky now (lol). And because of that, I don't know if I want to canter him the ENTIRE session of Join-Up.

So here's my final question: Do you HAVE to canter your horse while working on Join-Up, or can you just trot, and maybe canter a little bit?

I suppose I could canter him... I'm just worried about how long the session will take (I think it might take a while... but honestly I have no idea) and I don't think he really CAN canter that long, and I don't know if its healthy...?

Any suggestions or answers to my question??

Thanks in advance! :)

Kleinne - Utah, U.S.A.
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Join up should only take about 4 to 6 minutes, if you feel that cantering your horse for this amount of time would hurt him than I wouldn't. Trotting him would work just as well, he does not need to canter to join up.
Good luck.

MaggieF, Melbourne - Australia
Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed 200 lessons completed 250 lessons completed

Just to agree with Kleinne. You can get join up with just trotting and maybe just a little canter in each direction at the beginning but only if he feels like it.

Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed 200 lessons completed

I agree with Kleinne and Maggie! I can actually relate to you because the first time I did Join-Up with my horse, he was also a bit overweight! I was planning on giving him a pretty good workout afterwards so I didn't want to tire him out! So throughout the entire Join-Up, we never did ANY cantering! We went through about 15 minutes of trotting and- at the end- walking and completed a successful Join-Up!
Let us know when you've done Join-Up with your horse! :D Have fun!


I agree with the above. :)
As long as he gets the message that you want him to move, and move a lot, it should work the same. Try it, and tell us if you get the 4 signals the same.