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The horse that turns towards you

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There was a mare I worked with who had been struck with a longe whip across her hind to "get her to go" by another trainer (which I saw happen). So when I worked with her and would hit the whip on the ground to send her away, she would turn towards me and plant in place. (she never charged or showed aggression she would just turn her shoulders to me and block me from her hind-end) I was told to hit her but refused to. She gave me a step away, I dropped pressure off her and she never did it again after that. But I see it in other horses too sometimes and I want to know more about the behavior-
What is the safest way to train a horse that is inclined to turn towards you, to go away instead?
-How do we tell if a behavior like turning in is aggression vs defensiveness? Body language to look for?
-What are reasons a horse may refuse to be sent away?
-Do you call a professional for a horse that's not taking a direction change or a send-off?
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Hi. I'd use a plastic bag. Usually merely shaking a plastic shopping bag on a stick is enough but my Humphrey was resistant so I used a plastic feed bag & using both hands snapped it like you would a shirt or pillow case to get the wrinkles out before hanging up to dry. Hope this helps. Cheers, Jo.