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About This Week’s Lesson

Many body Movements I never thought of!


I think I am pretty much sold on Monty Roberts. I always liked his ideas from when I was younger, reading Heartland books about Join-up, but its just so much more real doing it yourself!

I haven't joined up yet cause I lack a round pen & my pasture is wayy to big to try join-up in, but I looked at the series of videos about catching horses in the pasture and today I tried it! I was able to catch my horses quickly and more importantly they only tried to run away once! And they stopped once I kept using Monty's techniques.

All the body language that we are subconciously communicating to them is astounding. No wonder they don't co-opearate how we want them to sometimes. I can see a much happier and brighter future for all of the horses I come into contact with, now that I'm aware of body language so much more!

Thankyou Monty Roberts and Equus University :)

vicci - UK (North Wales)
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Congratulations Joey, it sounds as if it was a lovely experience

The Lost Soul (Northeastern Wisconsin, USA)
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I would have been sold on Monty's teachings years ago, also from reading the Heartland books, but it seemed too good to be true and was never brave enough to risk facing the disappointment if Join up had not been real. But it is.
In regards to your pasture size, if done correctly the size should not matter. I would advise you to look up Shy Boy and read about him. It may give you some inspiration.