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My Join-Up® Experience


Hello! 100 lessons completed
We rescued Maddy from Horse Plus in Tennessee last July along with a 25 year old male named Rhett. Maddy (Madrid) came to them a few weeks earlier from a rescue ranch in Colorado. She checked out in good health. She has the brand from the CS Ranch in New Mexico. She seemed to dislike the halter, saddle, bridle but my wife, is a good rider and comfortable around horses, rode Maddy a few times. Rhett and Maddy are my very first horse and I'm almost 68 years old. I love them both but had absolutely no idea what to do with them except give them treats and hope they'd like me. 

I was able to halter Maddy and lead her with her being reluctant to follow. A few weeks ago, I put a saddle on her and lunged her for fifteen to twenty minutes per day about three weeks ago. I did so because nearby horse owners said I needed to get her to respect me. Brilliant huh? On the fifth day, I went into her pen to put on the halter and she turned to kick. Scared me to death but the more I tried to get the halter on, the more she wasn't having anything to do with it and would turn to kick me. I didn't know it at the time but I taught her to rebel against useless lunging and obviously the halter meant useless lunging time. Go figure. I'm quite the horseman.

Frustrated and trying without success for two weeks to get back to the way it was for the first few months, a friend at church told me about Monty Roberts. I joined for the free 24 hour period and realized, boy do I need to learn a few things, maybe quite a few things, well, a whole lot of things. After a week of watching a few beginning lessons, I tried the join-ups but to no avail. She would come to me many times and I could rub her neck but wanted nothing to do with the halter and moved away. Then, last night, I watched the third lesson in The Horse Who Didn't Want To Be Caught. I stopped and started it so that I would be careful to do exactly what Monty taught. Well, this morning it worked. Got the halter on her. She was even extremely patient because I'm no halter getter-onner-expert and she put up with me while I finally got it on correctly. Plus, she never flinched or pulled her head away (like she did for the first few months after we got her) when I rubbed her on her forehead and just loved her up for being so good. It was absolute magic.

This evening after I took a shower and looked in the mirror, the horse idiot looking back at me wasn't quite so big as before. It was a very good day. Thanks Monty.