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Horses biting the rope-

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Some horses I work with tend to grab their lead rope in their teeth-at that point can you still correct with the Dually Halter??
Also a great followup question- best way to get a rope out of a horse's mouth? :)
Please upload your photo
I have the same problem with my horse.  I gently pull the rope out of her mouth.  I don't think you can school with the rope in the horse's mouth.  From my perspective the halter doesn't twist correctly.  You will only be pulling on the horse's mouth and possibly hurting or damaging it.  I try not to school when the rope is in my horse's mouth.  A smile in the rope helps keep the rope out of my horse's mouth better.  Does your horse grab just the rope or the metal piece too?  My horse grabs the metal snap on the side of the halter.  I was hoping Monty had some advice on this problem too.  My horse loves to chew on everything and I want to know how to discourage that too.  If you find anything that works please let me know.