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My Join-Up® Experience

Happy join up experience

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I am recent rider, started only 3  years ago and discovered Monty's work about 6 months ago. I tried join up with a 17 year old gelding I have been riding the last 2 years once or twice a week and who is very gentle but spooky and herd sour, especially at grooming. He could be quite dangerous when alone with any of us at the grooming area in the absence of his mates. 
So, well, I decided to do join up with him an studied as many you tube videos as I coud during  Covid confinement. Then, I did it twice, once in the round pen and once in the arena. At first it did not seem to work: he did not follow me and I was a little disappointed. But then, the next time I walked with him in the arena without the lead rope, surprize: he followed me everywhere ! I was so happy an he seemed so calm. Then, the next time, we repeated our walk and again, he followed me perfectly well. But the best that came out is that he is no longer stressed at grooming when alone with me. He is perfectly calm and confident and I can take my time with him. Our adrenaline of is now down and that's great since it is now a real moment of relaxation before and after riding or playing. Thank you Monty for your Equus lessons of leadership ans gentleness !
Debbie Roberts Loucks, USA
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Wonderful to hear you achieved Join-Up! It is the best relationship starter ever :)