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Hello, what is your experience with coyotes and your horse? We have a horse injured by either spooking and jumping the fence, or by the coyote himself. We put out a trail camera and only saw one, however we hear a lot of them at night. We are going hunting tomorrow night. I'm new to the horse world and would like to hear your experience. Thank you! Kathy 
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I have had the same problem. I believe there's no one that owns horses that dose not 
fear coyotes being aggressive to their horses. I solved it by rescuing a couple donkeys.
They are good protectors against coyotes but will also go after a dog if they wander into the pasture. I found that out the hard way. My nephews German shepherd ran out into the pasture and they chased him down and almost killed him before I could get to him. If you are limited on pasture then I suggest you to go online and look at a few products that deter
predatory animals away. One in particular called Niteguard. It's a simple solar powered box that puts out a red beam across the pasture that deters those type of animals from crossing your pasture. They are cheap and very effective.  Horses pay it no attention. 
Connie Mack