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Monty answers your questions

April 12.17 How do you teach a horse to stand still?

April 5.17 What is natural horsemanship?

March 29.17 Why do horses respond to a sound cue for stopping?

March 22.17 Is your horse aggressive at feeding time?

March 15.17 Why does my horse bite?

March 8.17 Why doesn't my horse load up?

March 1.17 Are you riding a spooky horse?

Feb 22.17 Does your horse chew on reins or slobber straps?

Feb 15.17 How do you deal with an aggressive horse?

Feb 8.17 How can horses help people?

Feb 1.17 When is a horse dangerous?

Jan 25.17 Is it fear or stubborness?

Jan 18.17 Why is single-line lunging bad for your horse?

Jan 11.17 Why does your horse yawn after a training session?

Jan 4.17 Can you do Join-Up with a donkey?

Dec 28.16 Where can you get help for a nervous horse?

Dec 21.16 Why are some horses afraid of loading in the trailer?

Dec 14.16 Is your horse a pet?

Dec 7.16 Why do horses yawn?

Nov. 30.16 Is it aggression or lack of respect?

Nov. 23.16 Why does my mini horse avoid eye contact?

Nov. 16.16 Are you ready to stop using force?

Nov. 9.16 Why does my horse refuse to pick up one foot?

Nov. 2.16 Please share this Q&A with other horsemen wherever possible

Oct 26.16 Does your horse have good manners?

Oct 19.16 Do you do Join-Up with every horse?

Oct 12.16 Is your horse impossible to load?

Oct 5.16 Can horses do Join-Up with their tack on?

Sept 28.16 Why does my horse turn into me during longlining?

Sept 21.16 How do you form a partnership without force?

Sept 14.16 What's your opinion of knotted halters?

Sept 7.16 How do you gentle a wild horse?

August 31.16 What can I do to help my horse be more balanced?

August 24.16 Can you predict a horse's temperament from hair swirls and facial characteristics?

August 17.16 Can horses get tired of doing Join-Up?

August 10.16 Is there a universal horse language?

August 3.16 What is the most pronounced characteristic of a horse's personality?

July 27.16 Are you listening to your horse?

July 20.16 What is the vocabulary of Equus?

July 13.16 What is the future of horsemanship?

July 6.16 Has your training approach been tested scientifically?

June 29.16 Are your training methods gentle?

June 22.16 Is it possible to communicate with horses and other animals?

June 15.16 Is Monty the original horse whisperer?

June 8.16 Have you ever had a strange animal encounter?

June 1.16 Isn't it dangerous to work with horses at your age?

May 25.16 Are you still learning about horses?

May 18.16 Is there a difference between horses from different countries?

May 11.16 Are there more problem horses than ever before?

May 4.16 Is the language Equus changing?

April 27.16 How do you train a horse to jump?

April 20.16 What are horses trying to tell us?

April 13.16 How do stallions know if a foal is theirs?

April 7.16 What do riding and playing golf have in common?

March 30.16 How do you teach your horse to urinate on cue?

March 23.16 Where can I get help for my horse that rears?

March 16.16 What do you love about wild horses?

March 9.16 What one thing do you show people who are skeptical?

March 2.16 How do you train wild horses?

Feb. 24.16 Is it too late to learn how to interact with horses?

Feb. 17.16 What is Monty's legacy wish?

Feb. 10.16 Does your horse need to see the dentist?

Feb. 3.16 Are those who inflict suffering also suffering?

Jan 27.16 Have you learned everything there is to know about horses?

Jan 20.16 Is Natural Horsemanship an oxymoron?

Jan 13.16 How do you deal with people who criticize your training methods?

Jan. 6.16 How can we reduce violence for horses?

Dec. 30.15 Is there anything about horses that's a mystery to you?

Dec. 23.15 If you could turn back time, what one thing would you change?

Dec. 16.15 How do you deal with a tricky horse owner?

Dec. 9.15 What would you like to change in the world of horses?

Dec. 2.15 What advice would you give to your young self?

Nov 25.15 Do horses get bored?

Nov 18.15 How do you train a horse with a toothbrush?

Nov 11.15 Why have you chosen and developed your methods?

Nov 4.15 After Join-Up, does the horse always want to be with you?

Oct 28.15 Is your horse afraid to travel?

Oct 21.15 Can all horses be reached and helped?

Oct 14.15 How many times do we do Join-Up?

Oct 7.15 Are you being safe with your horse?

Sep 30.15 Is your horse acting like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde?

Sep 23.15 Are you afraid of horses?

Sep 16.15 Does your horse enjoy baths?

Sep 9.15 Is your horse afraid of people?

Sep 2.15 Your horse hates water?

Aug 26.15 How do I help my horse overcome her fears on the trail?

Aug 19.15 Why do horses respond by moving forward when they hear a cluck (or click)?

Aug 12.15 Do top riders and trainers use your methods?

Aug 5.15 Does it matter if my horse turns toward me or away from me?

July 31.15 What can you do if your horse is head shy?

July 22.15 What are your top three training tips? (Part 3)

July 15.15 What are your top three training tips? (Part 2)

July 8.15 What are your top three training tips? (Part 1)

July 1.15 What can you do about your girthy/cinchy horse?

June 24.15 How do I stop my horse from pulling the reins out of my hands?

June 17.15 Do horses suffer from separation anxiety?

June 10.15 Are we too old to ride?

June 3.15 Can you retrain a horse with a broken spirit?

May 27.15 Can an old horse learn new tricks?

May 20.15 Why do some horses nip?

May 13.15 Can you take too long when starting a horse?

May 6.15 How do you preserve a horse's sensitivity?

April 29.15 How do I get my horse to settle before the competition?

April 22.15 How do you stop a horse from pawing?

April 15.15 Can I leave the Dually Halter on to haul my horse in the trailer?

April 7.15 How do you stop a pull-back horse?

March 31.15 You say I can catch my horse with a smile?

March 25.15 Can I ride with a Dually Halter?

March 18.15 What should you do when your horse backs up?

March 11.15 Would your horse choose to be with you?

March 4.15 Why don't we all use bitless bridles?

Feb 25.15 What can you do to create a strong bond with your horse?

Feb 17.15 Is your horse chewing inappropriately?

Feb 11.15 Should I use a bit or a bitless bridle?

Feb 4.15 How do you stop a horse from pawing?

Jan 28.15 How do you achieve a light, responsive mouth?

Jan 21.15 Are you spoiling your horse?

Jan 14.15 How do you stop a horse from pulling back?

Jan 7.15 Do you use voice cues?

December 31.14 Can the memory of pain continue to affect a horse's behavior?

December 24.14 Are you afraid of riding your horse?

December 17.14 Have you ever met a troubled pony?

December 10.14 Is it good or bad to let a horse graze in hand?

December 3.14 Is it okay to let my horse rub its head on me?

November 26.14 How do I humanely separate my horse from the cow he lives with?

November 19.14 What do horses need to keep them warm when traveling?

November 11.14 How do you protect your horse from slipping in the winter?

November 5.14 What is the best way to transport horses in cold weather?

October 29.14 Why does my pony bite when being groomed?

October 22.14 Can you do Join-Up with a mini horse?

October 17.14 Why does my horse move in circles?

October 8.14 How can I relax my spooky horse?

October 1.14 Why does my horse turn his hind end towards me?

September 24.14 What kind of lessons can horses help people learn?

September 17.14 Does Natural Horsemanship mean being nice to your horse all the time?

September 10.14 How can you help humans through horses?

September 3.14 What do you think is the best thing about horses?

August 27.14 What were the best and worst experiences you've had with a horse?

August 20.14 How should you handle bad stable manners?

August 13.14 What can I do when my horse blasts through the barn door?

August 6.14 How can I ride begin to my horse that rears and bolts on the trail?

July 30.14 When is it time to retire your horse?

July 23.14 What is the best time of day to ride?

July 16.14 What is the best way to wean and halter train a foal?

July 9.14 What to do about an aggressive stallion?

July 2.14 How should I discipline my horse when he is spooky on the trail?

June 24.14 How do you attach plastic bags on a stick for spooky horses?

June 18.14 How do you learn Join-Up with horses?

June 11.14 Do donkeys do Join-Up?

June 4.14 Being consistent with your horse

May 28.14 Do you have to use violence to establish leadership with horses?

May 21.14 My horse won't stand still

May 14.14 Horses afraid of cows and other farm animals

May 7.14 Horses that refuse to take the bit

April 30.14 What's Monty's opinion about horse toys?

April 23.14 Is my horse angry or unhappy?

April 16.14 Moving forward without a whip or crop

April 9.14 Why do some horses bite their flanks?

April 2.14 Do horses need shampooing?

March 26.14 Step by step rituals help horses

March 19.14 Horses with lots of energy that love to run

March 12.14 Are there horse introverts and extroverts?

March 5.14 Is your horse happy?

Feb 26.14 What motivates a horse?

Feb 19.14 The biggest misundertanding about horses

Feb 12.14 Breathe so your horse will learn

Feb 5.14 Dealing with frightening obstacles

Jan 29.14 How to get over being afraid of horses

Jan 22.14 How to bond with your horse

Jan 15.14 Is it a behavioral or a medical issue?

Jan 8.14 Moving your horse to a new place

Jan 1.14 Raising young horses

Dec 25.13 Join-Up with young horses that are trusting

Dec 18.13 Learning breathing techniques

Dec 11.13 Standing still for veterinary procedures

Dec 4.13 How to establish good manners

Nov 27.13 Harsh Equipment

Nov 20.13 Starting over with horses

Nov 13.13 The Joys of Working with Horses

Nov 6.13 Horses are hard work but worth it

Oct 30.13 Goal setting and mapping out the future

Oct 23.13 A career working with horses

Oct 16.13 A passion for horses

Oct 9.13 Does your horse try for you?

Oct 2.13 How to be the herd leader

Sep 25.13 Bolting away in fear

Sep 18.13 What is the biggest misunderstanding about horses?

Sep 11.13 Horses and War Veterans

Sep 4.13 What do children and horses have in common?

Aug 28.13 Crossing water

Aug 21.13 Desensitization and distractions

Aug 14.13 Balancing Act

Aug 7.13 PICNICs with horses

July 30.13 Who's the dummy rider?

July 24.13 How tough should you get with your horse?

July 17.13 How do horses show disrespect?

July 10.13 Behavior problem or pain?

July 3.13 Difficult to catch

June 26.13 Overcoming a traumatic event

June 19.13 How to take violence out of horse training

June 12.13 How sensitive is your horse?

June 5.13 What is a 'starting gate' issue?

May 29.13 How to discipline a horse that bites you

May 22.13 Finding the right horse for your discipline

May 15.13 How to bond with a new horse

May 8.13 Teaching a horse to lie down on cue

May 1.13 Building Up a Horse's Confidence

Apr 24.13 An Education in Horsemanship

Apr 17.13 A Question About Defecation and Nervousness [Part 3]

Apr 10.13 A Question About Defecation and Nervousness [Part 2]

Apr 3.13 A Question About Defecation and Nervousness [Part 1]

Mar 27.13 A Question from Fergus the Spooky Horse

Mar 20.13 Are You Too Old for Horses? [Part 2]

Mar 13.13 Are You Too Old for Horses? [Part 1]

Mar 6.13 Foal Handling

Feb 27.13 No Foot, No Horse

Feb 20.13 The Artificial Arm Prepares Horses for the Farrier

Feb 13.13 Twelve tips to prepare horses for the farrier

Feb 6.13 Horse aggressive and stressed at feeding time

Jan 29.13 Getting Over Fear and Anxiety in the Arena

Jan 22.13 Nuances in the language of Equus

Jan 16.13 Horses and Ponies that Won't Stand Still

Jan 9.13 Differences Between a Rope Halter and the Dually Halter

Jan 2.13 Establishing Clear Leadership as a Rider

Dec 26.12 Is Your Horse Is Afraid of the Clippers?

Dec 19.12 Overcoming Frightening Experiences

Dec 12.12 Clicker Training for Horses Part 3

Dec 5.12 Clicker Training for Horses Part 2

Nov 28.12 Clicker Training for Horses Part 1

Nov 21.12 Force-Free Dressage Part 2

Nov 14.12 Force-Free Dressage Part 1

Nov 7.12 Preventing Pulling Back in Horses

Oct 31.12 Why do we 'Cluck' to horses?

Oct 24.12 Early Experiences for Young Horses

Oct 16.12 What type of saddle is best?

Oct 10.12 Do horses learn form each other?

Oct 3.12 Transportation and Separation Anxiety a.k.a. Barn Sour

Sep 26.12 The Into-Pressure Element

Sep 19.12 Has This Horse Been Abused or Suffered Violence?

Sep 12.12 The meaning of a horse's ear position

Sep 5.12 Social dynamics in wild herds

Aug 29.12 What make a horse the herd leader?

Aug 22.12 Taking off the bridle

Aug 15.12 Horse with a Hard Mouth

Aug 8.12 Learning About Horses and Starting to Ride Again

Aug 1.12 Sand Colic in Horses Part II

Jul 25.12 Sand Colic in Horses Part I

July 18.12 Loading and Transporting Horses

July 11.12 The One Who Controls the Feet Controls the Relationship

July 4.12 Don't Catch Your Horse, Let Your Horse Catch You

June 27.12 The significance of The Queen's award

June 20.12 Why is it important to encourage violence-free training?

June 13.12 The future of horsemanship

June 6.12 What is the best way to introduce a horse to a train?

May 30.12 Horse Problems or People Problems?

May 23.12 Re-Training Abused Horses

May 16.12 Bees Are Attracted to Bright Colors

May 9.12 Establishing respectful boundaries your horse

May 2.12 The gift of communicating with horses as a horse whisperer

Apr 25.12 Re-training the ex-racehorse

Apr 18.12 Horses that are barging into you and biting

Apr 11.12 Inexperienced people with horses

Apr 4.12 What is 'catastrophic bonding'?

Mar 28.12 What about single line lunging with someone on the horse?

Mar 21.12 Gaining confidence about horses and horsemanship

Mar 14.12 Allowing my horse to groom me back when I rub or groom him

Mar 7.12 Riding with a bit or with a bitless bridle

Feb 29.12 When a horse refuses to move forward

Feb 22.12 Do horses ever lie?

Feb 15.12 The safest way to dismount

Feb 8.12 What attracted you to Shy Boy?

Feb 1.12 Pony throws himself down in the trailer when travelling

Jan 25.12 Is there such a thing as a coldback horse?

Jan 18.12 Riding position with the toes 'in'

Jan 11.12 Can I control my big, bossy horse with a Dually Halter?

Jan 4.12 Which saddle pad can I use to protect my horse's back?

Dec 28.11 Creating willingness to move forward

Dec 21.11 Horse aggression at feeding time

Dec 14.11 Horse afraid of other horses

Dec 7.11 Fear of the clippers

Nov 30.11 Long lining off the bit or off the Dually Halter?

Nov 23.11 Ticklish horse kicks the lines during long lining

Nov 16.11 Are horses conscious beings?

Nov 9.11 What is the language called Equus?

Nov 2.11 Building confidence over jumps

Oct 26.11 Why does my horse bite my legs when I ride her?

Oct 19.11 What does teeth grinding signify?

Oct 12.11 Predispositions for working with horses

Oct 5.11 Do people still use violence in training horses?

Sep 28.11 Horses that panic when the trailer door closes

Sep 21.11 Starting Join-Up by the wall of the roundpen instead of in the middle

Sep 14.11 Horses that pin their ears back at feeding time

Sep 7.11 What's the best way to introduce horses to each other?

Aug 31.11 How many lessons per week?

Aug 24.11 When a riding instructor uses violence

Aug 17.11 How to teach advanced moves without violence

Aug 10.11 My racehorse holds his breath while racing

Aug 3.11 Can you get a Join-Up and a Follow-Up even if you do it wrong?

July 27.11 What exactly is the horse's balance point?

July 20.11 Can you divide Join-Up over several days when you work with a wild horse?

July 13.11 When a horse is afraid of fireworks and loud noises

July 6.11 How can you make riding fun when your horse challenges you or doesn't listen?

June 29.11 Horses that refuse to ride out alone

June 22.11 The significance of eye contact in the language of Equus

June 15.11 Head tossing in spite of appropriate equipment

June 8.11 Why does dropping your eyes benefit the horse when you are facing away from him?

June 1.11 Can I use a stallion as a pony/buddy horse?

May 25.11 How can I stop my trail horse from kicking?

May 18.11 How can I help my horse become less afraid of the trailer?

May 11.11 Do all horses speak Equus?

May 4.11 Can foals do Join-Up?

Apr 27.11 Overcoming criticism and a closed mindset

Apr 20.11 Have your methods been studied scientifically?

Apr 13.11 Cinch-bound and skin sensitivity

Apr 6.11 How to move in a straight line

Mar 30.11 Dealing with aggressive horses in the pasture

Mar 23.11 Are horses sentient beings?

Mar 16.11 How can I cause my horse to want to move forward?

Mar 9.11 How do I gain my horse's trust when putting on the bridle?

Mar 2.11 Reaching the headshy horse

Feb 22.11 Why do you send horses away to the right?

Feb 16.11 What is your opinion of tight nosebands?

Feb 9.11 How can I evaluate a training technique from the horse's point of view?

Feb 2.11 Why do we need bits?

Jan 26.11 Trouble in the Trailer

Jan 19.11 Moving in a straight line

Jan 12.11 Driving horses with blinders

Jan 5.11 Can the Equus Online University make a difference?

Dec 29.10 What are your hopes for the new year?

Dec 22.10 What are your plans and goals for the future?

Dec 15.10 Can saddle fitting affect the right lead in the canter?

Dec 8.10 Is horse training dangerous?

Dec 1.10 Looking back, what would you do differently?

Nov 24.10 Demonstrations in Ireland

Nov 17.10 Why should it take the horse's lifetime to train a horse?

Nov 10.10 Is violence necessary to produce a well-disciplined horse?

Nov 3.10 Is anthropomorphism counterproductive to training?

Oct 27.10 What is the difference in the horses today than from 30 years ago?

Oct 20.10 Is the Equus Online University proving to be a good tool to spread your concepts?

Oct 13.10 Have you ever been challenged by a horse that would not cooperate?

Oct 6.10 Which experiences have taught you the most about training horses?

Sep 29.10 Has your first book, The Man Who Listens to Horses, brought about permanent changes?

Sep 22.10 Is the ability to connect with animals a natural gift or can it be learned?

Sep 15.10 Who are your heroes now?

Sep 8.10 What does living 'by the principles of Join-Up' look like?

Sep 1.10 What does it mean to horses when you breathe into their muzzle?

Aug 25.10 What do I do when my riding instructor says "Use the crop"?

Aug 18.10 Can you do Join-Up with a weanling?

Aug 11.10 How can I remain patient and recognize progress in training sessions?

Aug 4.10 What is the youngest age for a horse to Join-Up / Follow-Up?

July 28.10 The Equus Online University curriculum

July 21.10 Is there an order to teach our horses the six imperatives for a riding horse?

July 14.10 What's the best way to train a therapy horse?

July 7.10 Can an abused horse become a therapy horse?

June 30.10 The best choice of therapy horse

June 23.10 Building trust with horses and children

June 16.10 The benefits of therapeutic riding

June 9.10 How can I smile and be calm when I am frightened of my horse's behavior?

June 2.10 Why is my horse tense, tail swishing and threatens to buck when I first get on him?